Facts & Figures

smac | partners invested in 52 high tech portfolio companies worldwide and has screened a deal flow of thousands of investment opportunities since 2001.

The investment focus of smac | partners has been consistently in fast growing high tech companies with a clear focus in Tech and Telecom.

The first fund of the team was established in 2001 as a corporate venture fund of Siemens AG.

In the meantime the team has founded four funds in twelve years, thereof three secondary vehicles over the last six years.

Besides Siemens, international institutional investors as well as serious entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals invested in the funds of smac | partners.

smac | partners performed 23 trade sales to companies like Microsoft, Cisco, CSR, Nuance and many others. It also led three portfolio companies very successful to an IPO. Top returns on single assets repeatedly range between 7-times and even up to 240-times on invested capital and a write-off quota is significantly below average.The current fund outperforms clearly the industry with 3-times return on total invested capital in a time frame of only five years.