Why us?

smac | partners is unique:

1. The Team: 

  • Senior Executive Managers and Serious Leaders of the industry in the worldwide Tech and Telecom industry with an impressive personal track record
  • Members of the leadership teams of several Top Fortune 500 companies with excellent operational background
  • Substantial experience in international high tech companies and personal relationships to the leaders of the relevant communities
  • Our investors primarily invest in us and our portfolio companies primarily rely on us.

2. Worldwide experience:

  • Historically offices in San Jose (Silicon Valley), Beijing, Shanghai, Helsinki, Stockholm, Munich and dedicated resources for Israel with recognizable amount of investments in Israel, USA, China and all over Europe
  • Trade sales in USA, India, China, France, Germany, Sweden, UK, Israel
  • IPOs at Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, Taiwan Stock Exchange

3. Focus: 

  • With more than 50 investments and a 100% focus on fast growing high tech companies, mainly in the Tech and Telecom segment with investments in most of the hot areas of this industry, (e.g.) speech technology, mobile data optimization solutions, LTE radio networks, optical laser components and sub-systems, mobile broadband.

smac | partners is delivering top returns to its investors and its portfolio companies.